Free Singing Class


Are you ready to start your singing journey? The singing class offered by ACCO is a holistic approach to music education. Our online class will introduce the basic singing techniques and topics, including vocal training, ear training, vocal ranges, and registers. Our singing class is family-friendly and focused. The goal is to connect more senior […]

2023 New Year Spring Festival Gala


The Luna New Year is the most important holiday festival in several Southeast and Northeast Asian countries, especially among those of Chinese descent. As a tradition of ACCO’s senior social community, we hosted the virtual gala to celebrate this important Asian cultural festival with hundreds of seniors and their family and friends. All the programs […]

Understanding Lupus


Lupus is a disease that occurs when people's body's immune system attacks their tissues and organs. What are the warning signs of Lupus? Please join us at our health seminar for understanding Lupus hosted by ACCO. For this community event, HSS Hospital for Special Surgery, Eliza Ngan will present and discuss Lupus with community members. […]

【社区热点】平价保障性住房门户网站攻略 Housing Connect (上)


【社区热点】平价保障性住房门户网站攻略讲座 您将了解到: -什么是Housing Connect -Housing Connect的房源 -申请资格 -如何申请 时间:3/7/2022 周二 下午2:30 PM ZOOM会议号码:896 3737 4579  密码:2023 ZOOM会议链接:

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